THE FINANCE EXPERT started with a single client back in 2016. Since then we have expanded our client base to more than 100 clients. We have clients of each industry and size. We have clients who are just starting their businesses and others who are pioneer in their industry. Most of the clients we have are referred to us through previous relationships and word of mouth.


We focus on maximizing your profits and minimizing your taxes at the same time. Our team of accountants and tax consultants is on standby to help you with your business, so feel free to contact us to make an appointment.



Our main clientele has always been from the UK and UAE. However, in past 2 and half years we have now diversified our client portfolio that is spread across continents. We now have clients from all over the world including but not limited to The U.K, U.A.E, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Spain and The US.


Our whole team knows conversational level of English. Our combined knowledge is of diversified business types including, but not limited to hotels, restaurants, IT consultants, contractors, Construction Industry, digital marketing, game developers, holiday homes, accounting firms, legal firms and much more.











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